Chirpy is always happy, energetic and tries to keep every one happy. She is very light harted , optimistic , compassionate and enjoys every single second.

Screwy is very nervous at all times . He tries to do every thing right but finally messes it up. He has good intensions but over analyzes everything and in the process of making things right he ends up making them even worse.


Frenzy is very cheerful and can make a joke out of every thing. She is very enthusiastic and always wears a big smile on her face. She is very childish and tries to impress everybody with her clownish behavior.

Comely is the the most lovable of all characters . She has a very caring personality and loves everybody and everything. She is the most innocent and gullible. She is very expressive and not afraid to show her feelings.


Timmy is very timid and always lonely. He is scared of everything and and worried all the time. He finds it hard to be positive.

Pricky is always in a bad mood. He is passionatley angry about every thing. He over reacts for everything and is always on flames.