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GhostGab is an iOS application trending as a popular micro blogging app with intrinsic features of Social Networking Apps.

GhostGab also allows it's members to stay anonymous and share their feelings, basically it gives the members an opportunity to express the essence of their feelings. Users can choose to stay anonymous or can choose to reveal their identity through a guess option which thier friends can participate and guess. The right guess would be rewarded with in app points .

Staying Anonymous would be useful in certain situations where you want to be a part of the discussion which involves diverse participants in certain community or demography, here your voice would be shared without your individuality being revealed to others. GhostGab has setup a unique platform to share your suggestions, ideas and thoughts to your friends and community, privately, publicly or anonymous. GhostGab is loaded with funny characters for the users especially when the they want to express their feelings via emjois.

GhostGab allows the user to view Gabs with in 30 mile radius, this allows the members to communicate with strangers fearlessly.

Ghost Gab Team
DIGAMBER ESLAMPURE :Producer & Entrepreneur

MBA graduate from Pittsburg State University, currently working in New York as a Technical Architect. Passionate snow boarder, novice scuba diver and a voracious reader

Founder & Managing Director : CODEBOADERS

SRUTHIN GADDAM :Lead Designer & Lead Programmer

Graduate student at MSU pursuing a degree in Human Computer Interaction with Emphasis in Game and Graphic Design. My area of study is game and mobile app design and development.
Software developer, currently assisting the software development for the MSU Libraries and also an evolving software designer, avid snowbaorder, skatebaorder and pro gamer.